Charge to Capacitance Electrical Conversion Calculator

Calculate the capacitance of a circuit using the charge and voltage and the calculator below.

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How to Calculate Capacitance

Capacitance is the ability of a circuit to store energy. Most often capacitors are used to store this energy in the form of electrical charge. The capacitance of an electrical circuit is measured in farads, and can be found using the charge in coulombs and the voltage.

Charge to Capacitance Formula

The following formula can be used to convert electric charge and voltage to capacitance.

C(F) = Q(C)V(V)

The capacitance C in farads is equal to the charge Q in coulombs divided by the voltage V.

For example, let’s find the capacitance of a circuit with a charge of 10 C at 12 V.

C(F) = 10 C12 V
C(F) = 0.8333 F