What is 5/9 as a Percent?

Are you trying to learn how to write 5/9 in percentage form?

Solution: 5/9 as a percent is 55.5555…%

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How to Convert 5/9 to a Percentage

To convert 5/9 into a percentage, you need to convert it to a decimal first, and then multiply by 100. To do this, you can use the division method:

5/9 = 5 ÷ 9 × 100% = 55.5555…%

To use the division method to express 5/9 as a percentage, divide the fraction's numerator (5) by the denominator (9), which is equal to 0.55555555555556, then multiply by 100% to find the result in percent form: 55.5555…%.

5/9 Contains a Repeating Decimal

This formula above results in a percentage that contains a repeating decimal, which can be more cleanly expressed using a line (referred to as a vinculum) over the repeating portion.

Thus, 5/9 can also be expressed as 55.55%. Note the vinculum over the repeating part of the number.

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