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1 µW = 3.4121E-6 Btu/h

How to Convert Microwatts to Btu Per Hour

To convert a microwatt measurement to a btu per hour measurement, multiply the power by the conversion ratio. One microwatt is equal to 3.4121E-6 btu per hour, so use this simple formula to convert:

btu per hour = microwatts × 3.4121E-6

The power in btu per hour is equal to the microwatts multiplied by 3.4121E-6.

For example, here's how to convert 5 microwatts to btu per hour using the formula above.
5 µW = (5 × 3.4121E-6) = 1.7061E-5 Btu/h

Microwatts and btu per hour are both units used to measure power. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


One microwatt is the power equal to 1/1,000,000 of a watt, or the energy consumption at a rate of 1/1,000,000 of a joule per second.

The microwatt is a multiple of the watt, which is the SI derived unit for power. In the metric system, "micro" is the prefix for 10-6. Microwatts can be abbreviated as µW, for example 1 microwatt can be written as 1 µW.

Btu Per Hour

One BTU per hour is equal to one british thermal unit, or the energy needed to heat one pound of water 1 °F, for one hour.

The btu per hour is a US customary unit of power. Btu per hour can be abbreviated as Btu/h, for example 1 btu per hour can be written as 1 Btu/h.

Microwatt Measurements and Equivalent Btu Per Hour Conversions

Common microwatt values converted to the equivalent btu per hour value
Microwatts Btu Per Hour
1 µW 0.0000034121 Btu/h
2 µW 0.0000068243 Btu/h
3 µW 0.000010236 Btu/h
4 µW 0.000013649 Btu/h
5 µW 0.000017061 Btu/h
6 µW 0.000020473 Btu/h
7 µW 0.000023885 Btu/h
8 µW 0.000027297 Btu/h
9 µW 0.000030709 Btu/h
10 µW 0.000034121 Btu/h
11 µW 0.000037534 Btu/h
12 µW 0.000040946 Btu/h
13 µW 0.000044358 Btu/h
14 µW 0.00004777 Btu/h
15 µW 0.000051182 Btu/h
16 µW 0.000054594 Btu/h
17 µW 0.000058006 Btu/h
18 µW 0.000061419 Btu/h
19 µW 0.000064831 Btu/h
20 µW 0.000068243 Btu/h
21 µW 0.000071655 Btu/h
22 µW 0.000075067 Btu/h
23 µW 0.000078479 Btu/h
24 µW 0.000081891 Btu/h
25 µW 0.000085304 Btu/h
26 µW 0.000088716 Btu/h
27 µW 0.000092128 Btu/h
28 µW 0.00009554 Btu/h
29 µW 0.000098952 Btu/h
30 µW 0.000102 Btu/h
31 µW 0.000106 Btu/h
32 µW 0.000109 Btu/h
33 µW 0.000113 Btu/h
34 µW 0.000116 Btu/h
35 µW 0.000119 Btu/h
36 µW 0.000123 Btu/h
37 µW 0.000126 Btu/h
38 µW 0.00013 Btu/h
39 µW 0.000133 Btu/h
40 µW 0.000136 Btu/h

More Microwatt Power Conversions

SI Units
Convert to Watts
1 µW is equal to 1.0E-6 watts
Convert to Milliwatts
1 µW is equal to 0.001 milliwatts
Convert to Kilowatts
1 µW is equal to 1.0E-9 kilowatts
Convert to Megawatts
1 µW is equal to 1.0E-12 megawatts
US Customary & Imperial Units
Convert to Mechanical Horsepower
1 µW is equal to 1.341E-9 mechanical horsepower
Convert to Electric Horsepower
1 µW is equal to 1.3405E-9 electric horsepower
Other Units
Convert to Kilocalories Per Hour
1 µW is equal to 8.6042E-7 kilocalories per hour