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1 g = 0.008818 sticks of butter

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How to Convert Grams to Sticks of Butter

To convert a measurement in grams to a measurement in sticks of butter, multiply the butter by the following conversion ratio: 0.008818 sticks of butter/gram.

Since one gram of butter is equal to 0.008818 sticks of butter, you can use this simple formula to convert:

sticks of butter = grams × 0.008818

The butter in sticks of butter is equal to the butter in grams multiplied by 0.008818.

For example, here's how to convert 500 grams to sticks of butter using the formula above.
sticks of butter = (500 g × 0.008818) = 4.409233 sticks of butter

Grams and sticks of butter are both units used to measure butter. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is a Gram?

Butter has a density of 911 grams per liter, and one stick of butter weighs about 113.4 grams. One gram of butter is equal to 1/1000th of a kilogram.

The gram, or gramme, is an SI unit of weight in the metric system. Grams can be abbreviated as g; for example, 1 gram can be written as 1 g.

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What Is a Stick of Butter?

Butter in the US is sold in packages containing sticks of butter, usually 1/2 or one pound packages containing two or four sticks respectively. One stick of butter contains 8 tablespoons.[1]

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Gram to Stick of Butter Conversion Table

Table showing various gram measurements converted to sticks of butter.
Grams Sticks Of Butter
1 g 0.008818
2 g 0.017637
3 g 0.026455
4 g 0.035274
5 g 0.044092
6 g 0.052911
7 g 0.061729
8 g 0.070548
9 g 0.079366
10 g 0.088185
20 g 0.176369
30 g 0.264554
40 g 0.352739
50 g 0.440923
60 g 0.529108
70 g 0.617293
80 g 0.705477
90 g 0.793662
100 g 0.881847
200 g 1.7637
300 g 2.6455
400 g 3.5274
500 g 4.4092
600 g 5.2911
700 g 6.1729
800 g 7.0548
900 g 7.9366
1,000 g 8.8185


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