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1 lb-ft = 1.355818 Nm

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How to Convert Foot-Pounds to Newton-Meters

To convert a measurement in foot-pounds to a measurement in newton-meters, multiply the torque by the following conversion ratio: 1.355818 newton-meters/foot-pound.

Since one foot-pound is equal to 1.355818 newton-meters, you can use this simple formula to convert:

newton-meters = foot-pounds × 1.355818

The torque in newton-meters is equal to the torque in foot-pounds multiplied by 1.355818.

For example, here's how to convert 5 foot-pounds to newton-meters using the formula above.
newton-meters = (5 lb-ft × 1.355818) = 6.77909 Nm

How Many Newton-Meters Are in a Foot-Pound?

There are 1.355818 newton-meters in a foot-pound, which is why we use this value in the formula above.

1 lb-ft = 1.355818 Nm

Foot-pounds and newton-meters are both units used to measure torque. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Are Foot-Pounds?

One foot-pound is equal to the torque that results from applying one pound-force perpendicularly to a one-foot-long moment arm.

One foot-pound is equal to 12 inch-pounds.

While the foot-pound is a commonly used term, it is technically not the correct verbiage to express torque. Pound-foot (or pound-feet) is the correct way to express this measurement of torque.

The foot-pound, or pound-foot or pound-force foot, is a US customary unit of torque. Foot-pounds can be abbreviated as lb-ft, and are also sometimes abbreviated as lbf-ft or ft-lb. For example, 1 foot-pound can be written as 1 lb-ft, 1 lbf-ft, or 1 ft-lb.

Learn more about foot-pounds.

What Are Newton-Meters?

One newton-meter is equal to the torque that results from applying a force of one newton perpendicularly to a one-meter-long moment arm.

Newton-Meters vs. Joules

While the expression of the newton-meter (N·m) is algebraically similar to the joule, the newton-meter is a measure of the force required to rotate an object about its axis. The joule, on the other hand, is the energy equal to the force required to move an object a distance of one meter.

In practical terms, if you were to apply a force of one newton at the end of a one-meter-long wrench, you would be exerting a torque of one newton-meter. If you apply a force of one newton to push an object over a distance of one meter, you would be exerting the energy of one joule.

The newton-meter, or newton-metre, is an SI unit of torque in the metric system. Newton-meters can be abbreviated as Nm; for example, 1 newton-meter can be written as 1 Nm.

Learn more about newton-meters.

Foot-Pound to Newton-Meter Conversion Table

Table showing various foot-pound measurements converted to newton-meters.
Foot-pounds Newton-meters
1 lb-ft 1.3558 Nm
2 lb-ft 2.7116 Nm
3 lb-ft 4.0675 Nm
4 lb-ft 5.4233 Nm
5 lb-ft 6.7791 Nm
6 lb-ft 8.1349 Nm
7 lb-ft 9.4907 Nm
8 lb-ft 10.85 Nm
9 lb-ft 12.2 Nm
10 lb-ft 13.56 Nm
11 lb-ft 14.91 Nm
12 lb-ft 16.27 Nm
13 lb-ft 17.63 Nm
14 lb-ft 18.98 Nm
15 lb-ft 20.34 Nm
16 lb-ft 21.69 Nm
17 lb-ft 23.05 Nm
18 lb-ft 24.4 Nm
19 lb-ft 25.76 Nm
20 lb-ft 27.12 Nm
21 lb-ft 28.47 Nm
22 lb-ft 29.83 Nm
23 lb-ft 31.18 Nm
24 lb-ft 32.54 Nm
25 lb-ft 33.9 Nm
26 lb-ft 35.25 Nm
27 lb-ft 36.61 Nm
28 lb-ft 37.96 Nm
29 lb-ft 39.32 Nm
30 lb-ft 40.67 Nm
31 lb-ft 42.03 Nm
32 lb-ft 43.39 Nm
33 lb-ft 44.74 Nm
34 lb-ft 46.1 Nm
35 lb-ft 47.45 Nm
36 lb-ft 48.81 Nm
37 lb-ft 50.17 Nm
38 lb-ft 51.52 Nm
39 lb-ft 52.88 Nm
40 lb-ft 54.23 Nm

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