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What Are Inch-Pounds?

Inch-pounds are a measurement of torque.

The inch-pound, or pound-inch or pound-force inch, is a US customary unit of torque. Inch-pounds can be abbreviated as lb-in, and are also sometimes abbreviated as lbf-in or in-lb. For example, 1 inch-pound can be written as 1 lb-in, 1 lbf-in, or 1 in-lb.

How Much Is an Inch-Pound?

One inch-pound is equal to the torque that results from applying one pound-force perpendicularly to a one-inch-long moment arm.

One inch-pound is equal to 1/12 of a foot-pound. Thus, 12 inch-pounds of torque is equal to one foot-pound.

While inch-pounds are commonly used to describe torque, the correct verbiage is pound-inches.

How to Convert Inch-Pounds

To convert inch-pounds to another unit of torque, you need to multiply the value by a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a numerical value used to change the units of a measurement without changing the value.[1]

You can find the conversion factors for inch-pounds in the conversion table below.

Then, multiply the torque measurement by the conversion factor to find the equivalent value in the desired unit of measurement.

inch-pounds × conversion factor = result

You can also use a calculator, such as one of the converters below, for the conversion.

Inch-Pounds Measurement Conversion Table

Common inch-pounds values and equivalent imperial and metric torque measurements
inch-pounds newton-meters foot-pounds
1 lb-in 0.112985 Nm 0.083333 lb-ft
2 lb-in 0.22597 Nm 0.166667 lb-ft
3 lb-in 0.338954 Nm 0.25 lb-ft
4 lb-in 0.451939 Nm 0.333333 lb-ft
5 lb-in 0.564924 Nm 0.416667 lb-ft
6 lb-in 0.677909 Nm 0.5 lb-ft
7 lb-in 0.790894 Nm 0.583333 lb-ft
8 lb-in 0.903879 Nm 0.666667 lb-ft
9 lb-in 1.016863 Nm 0.75 lb-ft
10 lb-in 1.129848 Nm 0.833333 lb-ft
11 lb-in 1.242833 Nm 0.916667 lb-ft
12 lb-in 1.355818 Nm 1 lb-ft
13 lb-in 1.468803 Nm 1.083333 lb-ft
14 lb-in 1.581788 Nm 1.166667 lb-ft
15 lb-in 1.694772 Nm 1.25 lb-ft
16 lb-in 1.807757 Nm 1.333333 lb-ft
17 lb-in 1.920742 Nm 1.416667 lb-ft
18 lb-in 2.033727 Nm 1.5 lb-ft
19 lb-in 2.146712 Nm 1.583333 lb-ft
20 lb-in 2.259697 Nm 1.666667 lb-ft

Inch-Pounds Conversion Calculators

You can also convert torque using one of our inch-pounds converters below.


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