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What Are Newton-Meters?

Newton-meters are a measurement of torque.

The newton-meter, or newton-metre, is an SI unit of torque in the metric system. Newton-meters can be abbreviated as Nm; for example, 1 newton-meter can be written as 1 Nm.

How Much Is a Newton-Meter?

One newton-meter is equal to the torque that results from applying a force of one newton perpendicularly to a one-meter-long moment arm.

Newton-Meters vs. Joules

While the expression of the newton-meter (N·m) is algebraically similar to the joule, the newton-meter is a measure of the force required to rotate an object about its axis. The joule, on the other hand, is the energy equal to the force required to move an object a distance of one meter.

In practical terms, if you were to apply a force of one newton at the end of a one-meter-long wrench, you would be exerting a torque of one newton-meter. If you apply a force of one newton to push an object over a distance of one meter, you would be exerting the energy of one joule.

How to Convert Newton-Meters

To convert newton-meters to another unit of torque, you need to multiply the value by a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a numerical value used to change the units of a measurement without changing the value.[1]

You can find the conversion factors for newton-meters in the conversion table below.

Then, multiply the torque measurement by the conversion factor to find the equivalent value in the desired unit of measurement.

newton-meters × conversion factor = result

You can also use a calculator, such as one of the converters below, for the conversion.

Newton-Meters Measurement Conversion Table

Common newton-meters values and equivalent imperial and metric torque measurements
newton-meters inch-pounds foot-pounds
1 Nm 8.850746 lb-in 0.737562 lb-ft
2 Nm 17.701492 lb-in 1.475124 lb-ft
3 Nm 26.552237 lb-in 2.212686 lb-ft
4 Nm 35.402983 lb-in 2.950249 lb-ft
5 Nm 44.253729 lb-in 3.687811 lb-ft
6 Nm 53.104475 lb-in 4.425373 lb-ft
7 Nm 61.955221 lb-in 5.162935 lb-ft
8 Nm 70.805966 lb-in 5.900497 lb-ft
9 Nm 79.656712 lb-in 6.638059 lb-ft
10 Nm 88.507458 lb-in 7.375621 lb-ft
11 Nm 97.358204 lb-in 8.113184 lb-ft
12 Nm 106.208949 lb-in 8.850746 lb-ft
13 Nm 115.059695 lb-in 9.588308 lb-ft
14 Nm 123.910441 lb-in 10.32587 lb-ft
15 Nm 132.761187 lb-in 11.063432 lb-ft
16 Nm 141.611933 lb-in 11.800994 lb-ft
17 Nm 150.462678 lb-in 12.538557 lb-ft
18 Nm 159.313424 lb-in 13.276119 lb-ft
19 Nm 168.16417 lb-in 14.013681 lb-ft
20 Nm 177.014916 lb-in 14.751243 lb-ft

Newton-Meters Conversion Calculators

You can also convert torque using one of our newton-meters converters below.


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