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1,000 Btu/h = 0.293071 kW

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How to Convert Btu per Hour to Kilowatts

To convert a measurement in btu per hour to a measurement in kilowatts, multiply the power by the following conversion ratio: 0.000293 kilowatts/btu per hour.

Since one btu per hour is equal to 0.000293 kilowatts, you can use this simple formula to convert:

kilowatts = btu per hour × 0.000293

The power in kilowatts is equal to the power in btu per hour multiplied by 0.000293.

For example, here's how to convert 5,000 btu per hour to kilowatts using the formula above.
kilowatts = (5,000 Btu/h × 0.000293) = 1.465355 kW

Btu per hour and kilowatts are both units used to measure power. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Are Btu per Hour?

One BTU per hour is equal to one british thermal unit, or the energy needed to heat one pound of water 1 °F, for one hour.

The btu per hour is a US customary unit of power. Btu per hour can be abbreviated as Btu/h; for example, 1 btu per hour can be written as 1 Btu/h.

In the expressions of units, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to express a change in one or more units relative to a change in one or more other units.

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What Is a Kilowatt?

One kilowatt is the power equal to 1,000 watts, or the energy consumption at a rate of 1,000 joules per second.

The kilowatt is a multiple of the watt, which is the SI derived unit for power. In the metric system, "kilo" is the prefix for thousands, or 103. Kilowatts can be abbreviated as kW; for example, 1 kilowatt can be written as 1 kW.

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Btu per Hour to Kilowatt Conversion Table

Table showing various btu per hour measurements converted to kilowatts.
Btu Per Hour Kilowatts
1 Btu/h 0.000293 kW
2 Btu/h 0.000586 kW
3 Btu/h 0.000879 kW
4 Btu/h 0.001172 kW
5 Btu/h 0.001465 kW
6 Btu/h 0.001758 kW
7 Btu/h 0.002051 kW
8 Btu/h 0.002345 kW
9 Btu/h 0.002638 kW
10 Btu/h 0.002931 kW
20 Btu/h 0.005861 kW
30 Btu/h 0.008792 kW
40 Btu/h 0.011723 kW
50 Btu/h 0.014654 kW
60 Btu/h 0.017584 kW
70 Btu/h 0.020515 kW
80 Btu/h 0.023446 kW
90 Btu/h 0.026376 kW
100 Btu/h 0.029307 kW
200 Btu/h 0.058614 kW
300 Btu/h 0.087921 kW
400 Btu/h 0.117228 kW
500 Btu/h 0.146536 kW
600 Btu/h 0.175843 kW
700 Btu/h 0.20515 kW
800 Btu/h 0.234457 kW
900 Btu/h 0.263764 kW
1,000 Btu/h 0.293071 kW
2,000 Btu/h 0.586142 kW
3,000 Btu/h 0.879213 kW
4,000 Btu/h 1.1723 kW
5,000 Btu/h 1.4654 kW
6,000 Btu/h 1.7584 kW
7,000 Btu/h 2.0515 kW
8,000 Btu/h 2.3446 kW
9,000 Btu/h 2.6376 kW
10,000 Btu/h 2.9307 kW

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