Convert lb/hr to cc/min & cc/min to lb/hr

Enter the injector fuel flow rate in lb/hr to convert to cc/min or enter cc/min to convert to lb/hr.

Convert lb/hr to cc/min


Convert cc/min to lb/hr


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Fuel injector flow rate is measured in both lb/hr or cc/min. If you’ve calculated the fuel injector flow rate in lb/hr, you may need to convert it to cc/min, or vice-versa.

How to Convert lb/hr to cc/min

To convert fuel flow rate in lb/hr to cc/min, use this formula:
cc/min = lb/hr × 10.5

For example, convert 35 lb/hr to cc/min.

cc/min = 35 lb/hr × 10.5
cc/min = 367.5

How to Convert cc/min to lb/hr

Converting fuel flow rate in cc/min to lb/hr can be done by changing the formula above to solve the other side of the equation. To convert, use this formula:
lb/hr = cc/min ÷ 10.5

For example, convert 1,509 cc/min to lb/hr.

lb/hr = 1,509 ÷ 10.5
lb/hr = 143.71