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1 rad = 3,437.746771 arcmin

How to Convert Radians to Minutes Of Arc

To convert a radian measurement to a minute of arc measurement, multiply the angle by the conversion ratio.

Since one radian is equal to 3,437.746771 minutes of arc, you can use this simple formula to convert:

minutes of arc = radians × 3,437.746771

The angle in minutes of arc is equal to the radians multiplied by 3,437.746771.

For example, here's how to convert 5 radians to minutes of arc using the formula above.
5 rad = (5 × 3,437.746771) = 17,188.733854'

Radians and minutes of arc are both units used to measure angle. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


A radian is the measurement of angle equal to the start to the end of an arc divided by the radius of the circle or arc.[1] 1 radian is equal to 180/π, or about 57.29578°. There are about 6.28318 radians in a circle.

The radian is the SI derived unit for angle in the metric system. Radians can be abbreviated as rad, and are also sometimes abbreviated as c, r, or R. For example, 1 radian can be written as 1 rad, 1 c, 1 r, or 1 R.

Radians are often expressed using their definition. The formula to find radians is θ = s/r, where the angle in radians θ is equal to the arc length s divided by the radius r. Thus, radians may also be expressed as the formula of arc length over the radius.

Minutes Of Arc

The minute of arc is a unit of angle equal to 1/60th of one degree, or 1/21,600 of a circle. The minute of arc is also equal to π/10,800 radians.

A minute of arc is sometimes also referred to as an arc minute, arcminute, or minute arc. Minutes of arc can be abbreviated as arcmin, and are also sometimes abbreviated as MOA or amin. For example, 1 minute of arc can be written as 1 arcmin, 1 MOA, or 1 amin.

The minute of arc is most commonly represented using the prime (′), although the single-quote is commonly used. For instance, 1 minute of is most commonly expressed as 1′.

Radian to Minute Of Arc Conversion Table

Radian measurements converted to minutes of arc
Radians Minutes Of Arc
0.001 rad 3.4377'
0.002 rad 6.8755'
0.003 rad 10.31'
0.004 rad 13.75'
0.005 rad 17.19'
0.006 rad 20.63'
0.007 rad 24.06'
0.008 rad 27.5'
0.009 rad 30.94'
0.01 rad 34.38'
0.02 rad 68.75'
0.03 rad 103.13'
0.04 rad 137.51'
0.05 rad 171.89'
0.06 rad 206.26'
0.07 rad 240.64'
0.08 rad 275.02'
0.09 rad 309.4'
0.1 rad 343.77'
0.2 rad 687.55'
0.3 rad 1,031'
0.4 rad 1,375'
0.5 rad 1,719'
0.6 rad 2,063'
0.7 rad 2,406'
0.8 rad 2,750'
0.9 rad 3,094'
1 rad 3,438'


  1. International Bureau of Weights and Measures, The International System of Units, 9th Edition, 2019, https://www.bipm.org/documents/20126/41483022/SI-Brochure-9-EN.pdf

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