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Tips For Hiring a Flooring Contractor

The first step to hiring a flooring professional to install your flooring is to have a good understanding of how much material you need and how much your flooring material will cost. Whether it’s a hardwood floor, laminate, vinyl, or tile, you should understand how the material is measured and the costs involved. You can use our flooring calculator or our tile calculator to get an estimate of how much your materials might cost.


When planning your floor installation project it is important to talk to as many contractors as you can to generate a solid plan for your project. Be sure to get several estimates to find the best price and understand all of the costs involved in your flooring installation project.


It’s important that price is not the only consideration when hiring a contractor. Consider the contractor’s reputation and ask your friends and family about who they’ve used in the past. Ask for referrals for previous clients of each of your contractors and follow up by calling those people to gauge their satisfaction with the contractor. Be mindful of the professionalism of the contractors while they discuss your project and give estimates, this is an example of how they will act when installing your flooring.


If you have concerns about your flooring contractor it never hurts to check with the Better Business Bureau or online review services such as Yelp to learn more about the contractor and read reviews. A good final check is to do an internet search for the contractor to see if any other useful information can be found. Typically flooring contractors will post photos of previous work and these are easy to find on the web.