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When it’s time to update and refresh your siding and exterior let us help. We can team you up with local siding installation professionals that can enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home. Tap into our wide network of siding and exteriors contractors to find the pro that’s right for your siding project. Get FREE estimates and compare quotes to find the right contractor for your renovation. Enter your zip code above to get started finding contractors near you.

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As you’re getting started with your new siding project there are a few things to keep in mind while getting estimates.

Compare estimates

With large projects like a siding or exteriors projects it’s a good idea to get multiple estimates. Compare quotes from several contractors and ensure you understand all of the details in each. Learn as much as you can about the service you’ll receive from each contractor to make an informed choice. Each contractor you get an estimate from will approach your project slightly differently and will include different details so price is not the only way to compare your estimates.

Siding materials

As you are comparing estimates it’s important to understand the general size of your project and get an average cost of materials. Use our siding calculator to estimate the size of your home’s exterior and how much product you’ll need to order.

Average siding installation cost

Before you get estimates and start working with a contractor do some research to find the average cost of a siding project. This will help you choose a material that will fit in your budget and allow you to have an informed conversation with installation professionals. Siding products cost vary in cost and installation complexity and labor varies throughout the nation.

Newly installed exterior using different complimenting styles of siding