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Tips For Getting Estimates from a Contractor

Before hiring a professional to complete a project consider these easy tips to ensure your estimate and project go smoothly.

Have a Vision of Success

Take some time to think through what you want to have done and what a successful project looks like for you. Consider what your priorities in the project might be as well.

If you’re looking for a new floor, that might mean spending some time to think about what rooms you want to install flooring in or what materials you want to use.

You might also consider what’s most important: is meeting a certain price the primary goal? Is achieving “that look” the biggest priority? Is the quality of the installation or durability or materials most important?

Having these things in mind will help you convey your wishlist to a professional to get an estimate that meets your specific needs and interests.

Explore our home improvement cost calculators and price guides to learn about some specific things to consider for nearly any project.

Get Multiple Estimates

Once you have an idea of what you might want to get out of the project it’s time to start getting estimates, and we can help!

The first step is to find several contractors that work in your area. Use your network, friends, and family to see who they have worked with.

Our contractor locator above will pair you with several professionals in your area to get free estimates as well.

It’s important to get several estimates and compare. Ensure each quote includes the things that are on your priority list, not just the price of each. This will also help find a pro to work with that you particularly trust and rule out those you might not.

Ask for References

Before moving forward ask your contractor for some references of recent client they have done work for. This can help you get an idea of the level of work they do and what their customers think of the work and the process.

Verify They are Licensed and Insured

Before you hire anyone ensure that they are licensed and insured. They’ll need to be licensed to get permits and pass inspections, if required. Having insurance also protects you in the event that something goes very wrong, otherwise you might be left with the expense in the event of a catastrophe.