There are many resources available for installing a new roof

Roofing Installation Resources

Our roofing calculators and articles can help simplify the process of planning a new roofing project. Our calculators can help estimate the materials you’ll need. Our calculators and articles offer a wealth of information on planning and installing a new roof. Learn more about prices and projects in your area by getting free estimates from local roofing professionals.

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How Much Does a New Roof Cost in 2018?

Learn more about what types of roofing materials are available and how much it costs to install a new roof. Most people spend around $8,000 to replace their roof, but the price varies based on the selected material and a number of other factors.

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Roof Pitch Calculator

Find the pitch of a roof using the rise and run or the angle of the roof in degrees. Learn how to find the pitch of a roof by finding the rise and run.

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