Landscaping Calculators and Estimation Resources

New landscaping being trimmed using a hedge trimmer

Our suite of landscape calculators and tools help estimate how much material you need for a multitude of landscaping projects, including estimating paver patios, retaining walls, plants, flowers, mulch, soil, cubic yardage, and square footage. We’ll demonstrate step by step how to find how much landscape material you need for your project. Using a landscaping calculator increases the speed and reliability of your measurements and lowers the risk of measurement errors. Several of our calculators also help estimate price of materials to get a better idea of the cost of your project. See our masonry calculators to estimate concrete and block projects.

Landscape Material Estimators

These are our most popular landscaping material calculators

Consider getting a professional landscaping estimate for your project to see how much it will cost. Getting an estimate is a great way to asses cost, viability, and design for your project.

We also have a complete suite of construction calculators to estimate materials for many construction projects.

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