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Masonry Calculators and Estimation Resources

Our masonry calculators are designed to help estimate material for concrete, block, brick, slabs, foundations, and landscaping projects and are geared to assist both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Masonry calculators lower the risk of measurement error and reduce the time needed to estimate supplies. We also show you how we find the answer and provide formulas.

Popular Masonry Calculators

These are our most popular masonry calculators.

Read our guide on finding a masonry contractor where we offer tips on selecting a contractor and moving forward with a concrete project. You can also request a free estimate for your project.

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Concrete Block Calculator

Find how many concrete blocks are needed by entering the size of the wall and the size of the block. Estimate concrete block material and cost.

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Concrete Weight Calculator

Calculate how much a concrete structure or object weighs for a given volume. Concrete weighs 150 lbs per cubic foot or 4,050 lbs per cubic yard.

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Post Hole Concrete Calculator

Estimate concrete for post hole projects. Calculate how many yards of concrete or bags of concrete are needed for filling post holes for fences, decks, footings, and columns.

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